Welcome to The Vet Centre Uddingston’s Healthy Pet Plan!

It includes all of your pets basic veterinary needs as well as exclusive additional offers and discounts. Our healthy pet plan offers exceptional value for money and costs are spread through the year by paying a direct debit each month.

For your convenience, we send your flea and worm treatments directly to your home, so please ensure you enter correct address for delivery.

For more information on what is included, and help choosing the right plan, please contact the practice on 01698 817 999. You can also check out our healthy pet plan leaflet or visit our website.

Our customers find that they save an average of £300 per year – Sign up online now!

If you don’t know your pet’s age, please provide a considered estimate.

Please enter all your pet’s details first, before choosing your plan. Please select the date of birth from the calendar rather that typing it in.

Puppies & Kittens – If your pet is under 9 months of age, you will not be able to join online. Please contact the practice who will set you up.

Dogs & Cats – Please click the box below to accept Home Delivery before selecting the appropriate plan for your dog or cat.

Rabbits –  Please go straight to the plan drop-down menu. Do not tick the box.

If you require more information about choosing the correct plan for your pet, please contact the practice on 01698 817 999. You can also check out our healthy pet plan leaflet or take a look at the information contained on our website.

Optional lungworm cover: Lungworm is now endemic throughout much of the UK, including a few confirmed cases in and around Uddingston. Preventative treatment is advised if your dog is at risk of contracting lungworm. The risk is high if they ingest slugs and snails, or lick the slime from these common garden creatures, as they carry the lungworm larvae. If you would like to discuss your dogs risk with our team, please call us on 01698 817 999 or alternatively email us at vets@thevetcentreuddingston.co.uk.

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Your benefits will start when we receive your first Direct Debit payment. If you have any questions, please contact us on 01698 817 999.

Please note that your pet’s weight will need to be checked to ensure they are on the right plan and receiving the correct products.

If you have a visit booked, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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